Temné Duše Crystal Lizard 1/6 Rozsahu Svetla do Socha PVC Obrázok Zberateľskú Model Hračka s LED Svetlom

€13.12 €10.75
Dostupnosť: Skladom
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Veľkosť: 4.5*12.5 cm

Materiál: PVC

Balenie : s/bez Retail Box

  • Číslo Modelu: 106477-NLR
  • Tým, Animácie Zdroj: JAPONSKO
  • Názov Značky: Flevans
  • Rozmery: 4cm
  • Mfg Poradové Číslo: Model
  • Verzia Druh: Upravená Verzia
  • Diaľkové Ovládanie: No
  • Tému: Film a TV
  • Položka Druh: Model
  • Bábky Typ: Model
  • Materiál: PVC
  • Upozornenie: nie pre deti do 3 rokov
  • Komoditné Atribút: Hotové Výrobky
  • Pôvodný Balík: Áno
  • Ukončenie Stupeň: Hotové Výrobky
  • Vojak Príslušenstvo: Vojak Hotový Výrobok
  • Vekové Rozpätie: > 14 rokov
  • stav: V Sklade
  • Pohlavie: Unisex
  • Veľkosť: <8cm


Štítky: akcia obrázok 14 16, figurin jeden kus, japonský, crystal kameň, malé naruto obrázok, sculptur, nezuko sex bábika, reptil, groot akváriu dekorácie, 16 vojak.


Very beautiful, is just like the description and touch it looks a tougher material but is soft. It has a fitting among that opens and alloy light inside. Loved and recommend the seller.
Blyaaaaaaaaaa 2011
The figure came in good condition, it has a good level of detail and is of a kind of rubber so hold the falls without a problem. The only detail is that to turn on the lights of the crystals you have to open the figure and press the button, besides, LEDs don't exactly reach all crystals. It took about 3 weeks to arrive since I ordered it. * I clarify that they are not crystals as such, they are their representation.
Lizard Super! Looks good, qualitatively made, packed OK, took for a gift. It is inconvenient that you need to disassemble the whole
Miguel Moreno 189
Came in perfect condition. The box is slightly crumpled, but it's because of the Mail that took the parcel from. Glad as a child
It is a detailed and beautiful article despite its low quality. It is a cheap manufacturing product, to light you have to open in half (separate) the figure and press a button inside that is not even fixed to the figure, so if you're not careful, you can break or break. The box looks pretty bad quality, bad color and very thin, in addition to not having any MANUAL or instructions. Leaving all the bad points, I can say that at the end of the day it meets the purpose, it is a good ornament or a good step on papers, as the figure if well detailed, the painting looks good and the crystals look very nice. The light, despite the aparatose and difficult it is to light it, it has a fixed light and others that blink at different rhythms, and that can be very useful and nice. Maybe it's not a great article, but if you're a Dark Souls fan, I highly recommend it.